The Worldschool Network

The Worldschool Network2018-04-05T11:12:40+00:00

Why and to what goal?

In order to allow the school to connect to the world.

The Worldschool Network helps the school to create a rich learning environment. Learning environments, mostly in co-operation with clients, that will require full commitment from the students.  There are a number of civil actors that are involved because they take the mental resources and spirit of adolescents seriously.

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Establishing a line of continuity

Worldschool’s line of continuity for research and social commitment is based on the principle of concentric structure. In other words: students undergo several different, but complete processes of research during their school career – and they will keep improving.

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Worldschool Network participants

The Worldschool Network is a network of collaborating schools and social institutions, both globally as well as locally. Within this Network, partners are developing projects and research programmes for students.

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Meet the Worldschool team

The worldschool team consists of Dutch employees working from Beirut, Nairobi and various places in the Netherlands.

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